looking for new clan members to join TTD

Looking for new clan members. We are a small clan with very few members at the moment but we are looking to expand.

we are a small clan of only 7 members looking to get at least 5 more. new members we are looking to have a laugh but at the same time we want to dominate servers.

we are looking for new members ages of 14 upwards apart from a few cases in which we will have a clan vote to see if you can join.

if you would like to join the add me on steam and message me your age, the country you live in and what you would like to be known as in the clan (either you in game name or your real name). steam name-calste6

We are also looking for a new clan co-leader which i have a vote on once we get a few more members. we are looking for a new co-leader as the last one left because of a time zone issue in which we never were on at the same time.

if the member in charge has to go off at any point someone else will be put in charge by him/her until someone of a higher rank get back. get back. Do not cause issues other wise you will be kicked out.

we use skype to talk so make sure you have it.

add me on steam Traserz im 16 live in Bulgaria i speak english and bulgarian

ok i have accepted your request

Hey caleste6! We just started a RUST clan as well and I would like to talk to you about possibly merging our clans! We are looking for EU players and right now we have US, Asia & Australia players that look after the same base on the same server to keep security. Please check out our site at nwoclan.org and also add me on steam or Skype both at wapigeon. Steam (Skyrim pic) - Skype (Alec W.) Thanks!