Looking For Noded City Maps

I’m looking for maps with NPC nodes, specifically city maps. I need them for my ReDead gamemode.

Are there any mappers here who have made city maps, and if so, can you please PM me? In order to make your map work with my gamemode you simply need to put nodes down and (preferably) have a dark outdoors lighting environment. My gamemode allows you to configure the map in-game and place the necessary spawn points so you don’t have to muck around with placing spawns and stuff. Your map doesn’t even have to be a city, as long as it’s noded it will probably work decently enough.

If there are any questions just post them here.

If you’re curious as to what kind of maps i want, download and try out this map:

Aw shit, ReDead is my favourite gamemode. I’ll be sure to tell you if I find any.

Doesn’t bigcity have nodes? Or are you looking for a bit more detailed map?

Big city is pretty damn detailed for its size

I still wish I knew how he optimized that, because I have a big-ish city map in the works, but the only problem I have it having too much rendered and causing lag and errors, while bigcity can have the entire map rendered with no problems.

I meant like buildings like with more ins and outs like evocity.

The hardest part in optimizing are area portals, everything else isnt that hard to learn.

Bigcity is a bit excessive for my needs. Any map as big as de_cbble or bigger would be a good size. Having buildings for players to enter is also a good thing. There are lots of maps out there that fit my description, yet none of them have nodes. Who created rp_downtown and maps like that?

e: I found a partially finished map i was working on for ReDead long ago… It’s military themed. Maybe i could post it and someone could finish it, or it could be a possible community project.