Looking for npc shops for gamemode.

Looking for npc shops for gamemode. If any one can help me get started ill make a post on my up coming gammode.

Pm me if you looking to help.

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Please i need sum help.

So your letting people help you make your gamemode and you haven’t said what it’s about?

I’m in.

Sweet pm me, its gona be RP but way sick like npc shops,cars, and all the other shit.

There’s a limit to the help this forum can offer you - none of us have any personal investment in your gamemode. You probably need to come up with a more specific question if you need detailed help.

Things you’ll need to make an ‘NPC shop’:
[li]You need your ‘NPC’. You could use actual NPCs (e.g. npc_citizen), but you probably don’t need them to have any AI (in terms of movement, firing, etc.) so you might want to instead make a SENT which uses an appropriate model. (If you really want your shopkeeper to animate and want to avoid animation stuttering issues, you may want to use a prop_dynamic instead of a SENT.)
[/li][li]You need to detect when players want to interact with the shopkeeper. Traditionally, this is done by players pressing their USE key on the shopkeeper. SENTs have a function called when they are used by a player, ENT:Use(). If you aren’t using a SENT, you can catch when players use things with the gamemode hook PlayerUse. If none of these options are appropriate for some reason, you could consider a clientside approach with PlayerBindPress and a trace.
[/li][li]You’re probably thinking of a clientside menu. This is complicated - you’ll probably want to use VGUI, specifically Derma, for it’s relative simplicity/versatility. From a quick search, you could start here to learn about using Derma controls and making your menu. In order for the clientside menu to have a game effect, it’ll need to send information to the server (RunConsoleCommand, concommand.Add). The server will then need to give players what they’ve asked for based on what’s requested.
Nonetheless, if you aren’t just a troll, good luck. As you can see, you’ll need it.

K thanks well dam, heres it more specific. I got the base done and made the vguis. The gamemode is going to have a bank/House seller/Food NPP Switch will be at KFC, ill make the models.Their will be a drug dealer/car dealer/sex change and many others that u can buy stuff from, also im looking how to make cars have to have cars if any 1 really wants to help me, please do i suck at lua and only know so much.

Starting to sound ALOT like Pulsar Effect Role Play. Just letting you know.

Ya but its gona be better.

you mind telling me how?

Get off his back. He’s asking for help, not an interrogation. Everyone feels a bit protective when they feel someone’s trespassing on their turf, but expressing that aggressively is unnecessary.

indeed. … :slight_smile:

Its just gona be more rp then perp and other gamemodes.

explain… that means nothing.


im not being aggressive, i simply want to know what makes him think that his is going to “better than perp” when he dosent even know how to code.

You should get off his back though, you and me both know he isn’t going to finish it anyway.

You sure because i am done, i just need the shops to be coded.

If you created all the rest of the RP and you say it’s better then PERP then you must know how to code the shops too.


He means; He has successfully downloaded DarkRP through SVN, and put it on to his server. He just wants someone to do everything else for him, except the ‘Custom Classes’, he’s a master at them, just like any other DarkRP server owner.

Your an idiot

If you read, he has said “I have neally finsihed”

That means him personally

Also, i hope you finish this, i wuld like it to edit and put on my stranded server

Noodle Man you fail.

Dr0id you’re 9 years old and shouldn’t be on this forum.