Looking for npc shops for gamemode.

all it is, is a entity with a citizen player model that runz a command to a derma menu!

why hasnt this been done already! :bang:

It has been done.

It’s so easy to do it’s not worth releasing.

$20 says he didn’t take into consideration on how hes gonna place theses entities into the map when it loads. XD


spawn the entity from the q menu?


or put in the map

So its a gamemode like Rp were it has cars and npcs…? Then When you have a normal rp server were the admin can just spawn the cars and npcs…(NPC SPAWNER)… what ever man its your time

put in map… its easy to spawn from Q menu. but he would have to do this manually everytime the server starts.


There’s the keyword… ADMIN. You’re totally missing the point of what he wants to do. GTFO :stuck_out_tongue:

Rofl fuck dark rp sir this is 100% coded not based of anything els, and i love how u think every server is a DRP server.

Maybe xy cords or sum thing?

And your 11 year old troll gtfo.

I don’t think every server is a DarkRP server, just a majority are, and people like you seem like you’d be owners of a DarkRP server (dumb, and 10, just like Noodle).

Well, if it’s so easy, that everybody can do it - why dont you help this guy, instead of flaming him and everyone else ?

  • Hell, I’m looking for somewhat the same.

and yes, this sounds like PERP, which is an excellent gamemode, imo.

I don’t slave at night with a 6 pack of Monsters just to give it up to this guy. There’s a difference for asking for help and asking for the experieced Lua coders to do all the work for you. You know, we have our own projects to work on thank you very much. I would help him if he wasn’t just another 9 year old who thinks he can make a rp server that will “b beddr thn PERP” just by asking the good lua coders to do the work for him.***

*** See GMOD Hotel thread

Number one im not 9, number 2 why u gota be a ass and troll.

Its sum thing i don’t know how to make so im asking for help and if you don’t want to help then gtfo.

Again. Helping does not equal doing the work for you.

If you read my previous thread, you would see that I have no problem with helping you, but I will never do all the work for you.

And you say you’re not nine?


And he said that he coded the entire rp gamemode but wants to spawn the entity from the q menu.

I agree with the above sir:


Yes I understand that, but still - then instead of just saying; “Hey blah, It R ez, yu r teh n00bzor” then help him. I know I would if I could, but I suck at Lua, badly, unfortuneately.
I agree, differences between getting help and getting it done for you, but - give him some of your knowledge so that he can move a little bit from the place he started.

Ok. I do think we made our point clear enough:
1.) Either none of us here know how to do what you are asking (I have the general concept on how its done:D )
2.) We do not think that you will be able to do this on your own or even figure out what we may have kindly coded for you.
3.) I think all of us in this thread thing you are younger than 11 (Ill give you the benefit of the doubt your older than 9 because not many 9 year olds know how to code.)
4.) most of us are already busy with projects (I for one, am!

BusyMonkey, thats our problem. That he is copying the idea of PERP. Most people in this community want unique and original ideas; not rewritten ideas from some other gamemode. If he were to have his own feature to it that made it unique, such as if the NPC atually moved around, hell that would be pretty kickass and worth taking the time to code. However I do not think that this kid will give us any due credit. Therefore, no one wants their precious scripts going to some kid who will claim it as his own. Im also glad you see the difference of “Help”, and “Do this shit for me”

iRzilla, it is easy, we all know that. 'Cept Dr0id :stuck_out_tongue:

Gbps, I totally agree with you. Especially since he took that very bold statement saying its going to be better than PERP.

Cappichino: LAWL

This concludes my long reply. Have yourself a cookie for reading this.

  1. I’m 17

  2. Thanks for the cookie


Last time I checked, coding an npc shop system is not where to start when learning Lua.

I’m gonna do this, I’ll make the entity and derma, I’ll come to you when I’m stuck