Looking for old source.

Can anyone post the source for the circle that draws under players? I saw a thread in here but couldn’t remember it’s name.

I’m getting sick of you.

http://wiki.garrysmod.com/?title=Cam.Start3D2D works well

I know it uses 3D2D cams, that’s not what I asked for. There was full code that I was going to use instead of trying to recreate it. I’m sure someone has it on hand or remembers the thread name.

local CircleMat = Material( “SGM/playercircle” )

hook.Add( “PrePlayerDraw”, “PlayerRings”, function( ply )

local radius = 35                 
local trace = {}
trace.start = ply:GetPos() + Vector(0,0,50)
trace.endpos = trace.start + Vector(0,0,-300)
trace.filter = ply
local tr =  util.TraceLine( trace )
local color =  table.Copy( team.GetColor( ply:Team() ) )
color.a = 170	

if  !tr.HitWorld then
    tr.HitPos = ply:GetPos()
render.SetMaterial(  CircleMat )
render.DrawQuadEasy(  tr.HitPos + tr.HitNormal, tr.HitNormal, radius, radius, color )

end )

From the thread you’re referring to. Can’t remember who provided that, so kudos to whoever did.

There was a plugin like this in citrus, look in there.

Nevermind, above poster foudn code.

That’s exactly what I needed, thank you!