Looking for on-call modeler for paid rigging

Hey, I know FP kind of frowns on this sort of thing but I don’t really know where else to look so please bear with me.

Me and some pals are putting together a gmod server & we’re going to need some rigging work done, mostly for human characters. The server is just something small for the group of us to play with but we’d like it to look pretty.

I don’t know anything about this kind of thing but we are absolutely willing to pay a fair wage for decent work. We are not expecting professional quality, just as long as the rigs work and don’t do anything super nasty we’ll pay you for your time. For the first go around we are probably looking at 10 or 20 rigs (5-10 outfits each for male and female skeletons) for testing purposes and then we’ll see about more if everything goes right. Like I said, I don’t know what kind of work this entails so I can’t offer a fair sum without talking to someone first.

If you’re interested, please add me on Steam and we can discuss the details & payment. http://steamcommunity.com/id/derpirat/

you’re more likely to gather interest if you post specific details on what you want doing

Still looking for someone to help us out with this.

To get a little more specific, you will be setting up outfits to bonemerge with one another for mix-and-matching torso/legs and some overlay pieces. The bulk of the outfits will probably come from Fallout 4 (and Fallout 4 mods) just because they’re already roughly set up this way and that will make them a good base for what we’re doing.

As a separate project, there will be some weapons we need rigged from various sources.

This is of course still all paid work but I’d rather speak one on one to hash out the specific details because I don’t know a lot about this side of the development process in Source and speaking directly to someone who does will help me figure out specifically what needs doing. There is no specific deadline or anything.

Hey, I’m gonna bump this rather than post a new thread.

I need a few more hands for our team. We’re still working through character models for this project and will soon need multiple riggers for a high volume of simple SWEP rigs.

It’s going to be great once it’s all put together. We’ve got a lot of time in this thing and the scope has grown over time, so there’s lots to do. Please add me on Steam and we can talk about the project: http://steamcommunity.com/id/derpirat/

i have fallout 4 installed so i can get models & textures out if thats something you’re wanting