Looking For One Modeler Or More For A School Project


Not sure if this is the right place to hire so feel free to move or delete if it’s not.

So, we are 6 developers and we want to make a gamemode for our final school project. Unfortunately, we have no skills in graphism whatsoever. Therefore we need to find a solid & serious partnership with one person or more who can do the models, animations and textures for our project.

Here’s basically the amount of work needed:

  • A player’s model with 6 differents uniforms, 4 differents skins and with custom animations
  • 20~ weapon’s models
  • 5~ vehicle’s models
  • 5~ building’s models

We are poor students so we will not pay you for this, you will only be rewarded with our love and with the success of this awesome gamemode. If you are interested contact me by PM, I’ll give you more details about the project.

You’ll get nothing and like it. This is not the place to have others do your schoolwork for you.

Oh that’s not nice.

Actually, we are required to find a parternship with infographists. We will not have the time to learn how to do this stuff and will most certainly make terrible things. But you’re right it turns out this is not the place to ask this. I’m looking for some people who would get a real benefit of working in a real game project, like students for example. Not people who are doing some models in blender as a hobby.

It’s perfectly fine to outsource something you can’t do within your own group, you’re not going to have much luck unless you’re offering payment though because thats a fucking ton of work.

Edit- oh wow i missed the bottom part, you guys are either going to have to pay or fail, no one is going to join your ambigous gamemode which you promise is super super good.

I sent a pm got no response I guess he was not interested. But I will say if one of the top modellers of the toybox is not good enough then your going to have a really hard time finding someone. And in case you did not know I don’t use blender although I have it. I use 3ds max and hammer.

He said they were looking for character artists, so that could very well be the reason he didn’t pm you back. Or he could just be gone already.

I could use the experience if you think I might be able to help you.

I know I replied because of the buildings part. I know most of mine revolve around a medieval theme but that is only because I dream of a gamemode like lord of the rings online. If I at least have my world eventually I can have everything else. I made some weapons to in my time here so that I would only have the coding side of things left.

Either way I can make more modern stuff I have just been trying to fulfil my own dream up until now.

Yeah sorry for not answering you, it was kind of a dick move from me. Anyway, your work is indeed not what we’re looking for. What we need is small and detailed military buildings like bunkers, pillboxes and tents. Without any interior, with a real customized look and with character. Your buildings are too squarish and look like they have been extracted right from hammer with their default hl2 textures.

You are right that about hammer I did make them in that then exported them to models. I had no textures of my own so I used default hl2 ones. An A+ for guessing my methods :smiley:

Well I hope you find someone that is fitting.

You have 3ds max. Just learn to model. You can’t use hammer forever.

I have 3ds max and blender. I can use them all ok I just find hammer the most usable and as long as I am working with gmod why use one I find harder. It’s pointless.

And what do you mean you cant use hammer forever. Your acting like it’s a starter tool. They are as good as each other. In hammer you make things really big then scale it down. And the detail is not effected.

I use hammer for gmod.

Blender / 3ds max for shapeways. That way I can turn my creations into real life objects.

What do you mean the detail isn’t affected? He told you your models were too blocky. I’m saying you’re limiting yourself since you can’t make the props he needs, and you can’t model, rig, and animate characters. Hammer is meant for mapping, and you can make some pretty amazing stuff with it, but that’s a completely different art form. It’s meant for environments, not small-scale props.

Like I said, you’re limiting yourself. Especially when you’re avoiding making your own textures on top of that. I’m not saying Hammer is a starter modeling tool. It’s a mapping tool.

Yeah shapeways is great and everything but why are you advertising it here again?

Also i.materialise? Much better customer service. Just saying.

Now that’s a classic bullshit offer.
Basically because you and your friends are “game developers” who never bothered to learn how to model 3d, you’re looking for someone else to do shit pile of quality work for you completely free of charge.

And I fail to see how what you’re doing is a “real game project”.

My building were block y as they were suppose to be. The detail is not affected I would know I have been using hammer for 5 year. I am not limiting myself I know how to use both programs very well. He thinks I cannot make him the models he needs as I have never released anything like it before only bigger buildings designed for players to go into. I don’t make characters or need to rig things so hammer is fine. It was made for mapping but it makes for perfect small scale props. The program propper scales the model down without you having to do it in hammer so you don’t get any errors.

I do make my own textures the buildings I use fitted the hl2 textures perfectly making it pointless to use custom textures. I made this with custom textures I had to edit myself.

I am not advertising shapeways here again I have never advertised it here before ever.

Don’t question the ability of a program if you are not fluent with it yourself. You may have experience yourself with it but obviously if you think that it cannot make small scale props you are sadly mistaken.


“Hey guys make me a bunch of complex models for my project for free mmkay thaaanks”

Advertising. Nobody needed to know that…

Limiting yourself.

Wait, stealing them from Skyrim is the same as making them?

Did you really compliment yourself? Even if that were anywhere close to true, at least have some modesty. Seriously.

Also, maybe you ought to post those models of yours to Facepunch. You’d probably get a lot better feedback on improving.

Lotsa hate going around; stop arguing with each other, and look at it in a more professional manner. These six students have a possible future in front of them and for some people, where do individuals get experience? From projects like this right in front of us! An educational experience awaits those who would LOVE to help, as I am one of the modelers who is so kind enough to model, texture, AND animate for the price of free. Sure, the work load for one person is great, but when you divide the work amongst fellow modelers and artists (Such as one or two people handling the textures, another one or two people working on the model, and one more person to animate the models), is it so hard to do? I say it’s pretty straightforward, so why don’t we all quit moaning and groaning and look at the positive? Money-making should be saved for jobs, the real jobs where some can have a stable income on their hands.

To those of you complaining about the developers needing to do everything themselves: there’s a little thing called teamwork. The six students working on it may be the programmers, and they’re missing the rest of the team! That’s why they need modelers, artists, and animators. I have a stronghold in animating and some modeling skills, so why don’t some people buck up and volunteer?

Well the problem with that is, even if everyone decided to work together on this one, they still haven’t given us any information about the project. Nor do they seem very appreciative.

That was a pretty inspirational speech though hahaha

Well, he does say to PM him if you’re interested, although it would be great to have all of the details up front.

Thank you, it’s just that project collaboration gets me excited. :smile: