Looking for Partner and Admins

I have just started a Rust Server. I am looking for a partner to help with this project and some possible admins. Please message me or join my server to talk further



I don’t mind helping you, but there is no point of having alot admins with just 2 people online…
Once you reach 20+ and got less then 4 admins then i could assist you.

Plus it would be nice if you could give some info about your server, what you’re actually planning to and the requirement that you want your admins to have…

Would be nice to know some stuff about the server owner to. (age for example)

Im 26. Currently have 8 guys online.

I am not familiar with rust server mods or add ons i have ran other game servers in the past. Im looking for admin that can be online couple hours a day monitor server help with payers if needed watch for hackers and that kind of stuff possibly help advertise the server also.

im down, looking for aserver to start small and build up with players.
not been admin on this, but i used to run a 450 player ultima online server