Looking for Partner/Community

Hello, I own a 50 slot Serious DarkRP Server (Maybe 64 Soon), and I’m Looking to merge my Server with a Big Gaming Community. I’v Made Gaming Community’s in the past, and not of them went as I planned. So now I’m Looking for a Gaming Community to Partner up with.

Add Me On Steam “Frogmutant” or PM me here in Facepuch.


I have added you in steam under the name [NUKE] Snipe, Please accept it, so we can talk further ^^.

If you don’t mind merging with a relaxed seriousrp server.

PM don’t have steam atm.

You want to find someone who you are actually interested in running a community with, not some bloke off facepunch you’ve never met, trust is key.

Found Some one.


Nice, but what I mean is, you don’t really the KNOW the person you are working with, which is what happens with some communities and gamemode leaking, but if it works for you, hey, go right ahead! Good luck with it all.