Looking for partner in developing a new DarkRP server

Let’s not be immature jerks and post “oh another darkrp!” over and over again. The reason there’s so many of them is because the gamemode is very fun and has a lot of potential. I have access to great ideas and great funding. Looking for someone with connections, hopefully with knowledge in LUA and a business mind set. Add me on steam my name is [10D] Wheelchair Jimmy and my id is Warisnecessary. God bless.

So you’re looking for someone that knows lua AND has a business mindset?!?!

Why haven’t I thought of this before…

We should have a thread where you pay- oh wait…

I’m sure most people in that thread have their mind on “business”

And when you say “connections” do you mean like to a wall? Clarify… On the thread…

LUA is not a request it is an option.

By connections I mean if I want this for my server or if I want to set up a website you know exactly who I need to talk to.

I’d volunteer myself for website guy, but looking at the back log of my own projects I should be working on, that’s probably not a good choice :v:

Tip: At least try to learn a bit of Lua. Running a server without any Lua knowledge isn’t too wise.

Want help…Pl0x give meh admin kay?

I dont see why you want a darkrp server, gmod13 is coming out very soon and there is just no point, it wont get populated enough in time. So its not even worth your time setting up every thing and coding the jobs just for it to be broken.

i disagree, if you set stuff up now you would know what you would want done in gmod 13, and you could work with the current gmod darkrp and gmod 13 dark rp at the same time putting the same edits in , that way when gmod 13 comes out you will have a working copy darkrp for gmod 13 has been released so its just a matter of downloading it and editing it to how you want it

and if you need help then message me in facepunch- i dont know alot but i will offer help with what i do know

well it’s like gmod 13 comes out in like, 2 weeks

so you might not even finish setting up by the time gmod 13 is out, and you’ll have a bunch of broken code

plus the gmod 13 darkRP that is out now is probably also buggy, because it just got ported and also because it could break when the game is released

Well darkrp has survived this long i am sure that one problem wont stop it, it will probally be fixed and working again soon enough- if it breaks- and then all you would have to do it apply the update without removeing the coding you did

uh, you may have to rewrite all the coding you did…

trust me, that’s more than one problem. darkRP is buggy as it is. and if you asked me, we don’t need more 11 year olds fucking up the beta

Yeah I should kill the guy who already made DarkRP for gmod 13. I hoped that this time is over and players actually spread into the new awesome gamemodes wich are dying atm because noone plays them because everybody plays DarkRP.
At least the the new server browser makes that DarkRP is only one tab and not the half of the server browser.

You mean the guy who was the author of garry’s mod 12’s DarkRP? I’d have faith in a gamemode like that enough to update it to the next newest game.

well i am almost positive darkrp will be really popular in gmod 13 i mean like darkrp is sooooo easy to edit its one of the most user friendly mods out there, and if you look at the gmod 13 servers there are already a nice few darkrp servers, in my opinion the only problem with darkrp is that in alot of the servers there isnt authority(like never any admins on) so trolls come on and ruin the server by anoyying the players away with spamming props/mic rdming all those things,

we should probally get back on topic, wheelchairjim are you still looking for somebody to help? and what kind of things do you want like want us to code a hud for you ? code new jobs? new money printers?

Nice and DarkRP don’t usually go together… Anyways, not many FP users like DarkRP because of all the 12 year olds that talk shit and don’t know how to properly run a server.

There are quite a few servers where the owners are much older than 12 and they still can’t run a server. The other issue though is that most servers don’t wanna kick or ban these annoying minges because it’s a used slot. It makes it look like people are playing on the server. However, there needs to be more admins online with this type of gamemode. Things, such as associated terms, need to be eliminated as well. All these different servers call themselves light rp, semi-serious or serious rp. lets not hide the truth. it’s either roleplay or its not. it’s either death matching or its not. there shouldn’t be a sometimes or an “oh, there’s barely anyone on” type thing. Server owners and admins need to grow up, grow some balls, and deal with issues. And don’t pick favorites. Saying that leads me to the issue with donating. Just because someone donates shouldn’t entitle them to be above the law. They are freely giving up money for the server. the server owes them nothing except a small title or notion saying that person has donated. Also, someone should not be able to pay to be a moderator or admin. These positions should be earned. Sorry for the rant but it all had to be said.

half the time the minges don’t get banned because the admins can’t ban themselves

it sucks that people crowd into old gamemodes like TTT and DarkRP. Too bad Dogfight: Arcade Assault doesn’t get the attention it needs, it’s a pretty awesome game. (When I first heard the word “flight” while looking up gamemodes, I looked for a server hosting it and I found one after 10 minutes of scrolling.)

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I know a guy who was running your basic build/PvP server, he installed the worst addons ever, and banned people for saying anything sarcastic against him. I asked if he could possibly include Wiremod on the server, but he responded with a nice “You’re the most ungrateful bitch evar.” He just goes on and on about “how much homework he has” or “how much time he tries to fix assmod, lua code, and ban”. When I told him to take a chill pill, he snapped. He was literally talking about him having to look after the server 24/7. (I don’t blame him, the admins he hired are fucking idiots.)

Then again, he’s 13.

You do realise that Garry said that GMod 13 will most likely be launched October 24th?

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Oh, forgot to mention
Don’t try to start a server whenever you don’t have knowledge of Lua.

I don’t have knowledge of Lua, but I know that I have 2 people where I can count on, and they won’t leave me and won’t stop coding.

So get yourself a permanent coder who you’re sure of won’t leave, and you’re set.

oh another darkrp!