Looking for Partner(s) Tired of Lone Wolfing

Hello. So I have been playing Rust solo for most of my time on it and have found myself being bored out of my mind and going on deathmatch servers. I think it is about time I get one or two (maybe three) buddies to roll with. Most people I already know are not really into Rust.
About me:
Around 160 hours played during time of post
Prefer 50-80 man community servers
Not very active on monday-thursday due to school ( This is what has made it hard for me to find reliable partners so far)
On pretty much all day on fridays, saturdays and sundays.
16 years of age
Prefer PvP over building
Central time zone
**Requirements? Not really but it would be preferable: **
100+ hours of experience
Not a carebear
Mature - knows when its fine to mess around but also knows when its time to be serious and shoot people.
Microphone - Able to use communication programs such as TS3/Skype/Raidcall etc.
Can handle him/herself well in PvP

If you are interested place add me here and I will get to you as soon as possible: http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198033487551

Happy Raiding!

try our server out, new server means new groups!!


Add me on Steam at SpeedYz317. my Clan HBS has our own RUST server and about 40+ active people!

TYPE “net.connect”.

were looking to make a pretty large group (7-10) and would be happy for you to join us, we have over 400 hours played, mainly pvp/raid others and have been playing since closed alpha. add me on steam and ill give u the ts if you want? steam id- [1st RD]yodagyo

We from [G0DSINC] look for members, we are 4 active atm, we meet your requirements and would be happy to have a talk with you.

my Steam : xxxnordcorexxx

OFC, others wich read this and might search a Kind of clan / Group to roll with, contact me too.
We are mature, 1 guy is 19, the most of us are 25+

Ok so… none of these have worked out so far, nordcore your timezone is too different from mine since you are german and i think daguas is taking a break from rust. Still looking for a group!