Looking for partner!

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Alright, so I’m looking for a partner to host with. The gamemode that we will be hosting is entirely up to you, since I’m mainly looking for someone that are familiar with coding. What I will be doing is handling the community and paying the monthly host. I enjoy most gamemodes, since with the right community, anything can be enjoyable.

So, if you’re familiar with coding, adding maps, gamemodes, in-game content and want to start a server but don’t feel like paying to much for it, let me know!


Aka “I want you to do everything, but I will pay $15 a month for the server. Oh btw dont forget i get all the donations since I pay”

Nobody likes a wise guy. And no, I’m willing to pay more for the host, depends of how good of a host we will need and how many playerslots it would have.

And I wouldn’t take all the donations, which for me is kind of obvious. The donations (if any) would’ve been split 50/50. My part would be going to help myself out paying for the host.

If you’re going to be a d*ick about it, go somewhere else. You’re not wanted here.

I’m working on 2 gamemodes.

Once of them (CityScript) is almost feature-complete (or will be within the coming 2 - 3 weeks) and would benefit from a community server. The gamemode is open-source.

I don’t want to host it myself but I’m OK with maintaining the gamemode if you’re doing the community side of things. Also, I don’t care about donations so they can go to the server. I just want a server to run the gamemode on and get feedback, really. As long as you’re OK with the fact the gamemode plus changes are available on github for others to also download and use, I’m up for it.

CityScript is a gamemode with similar features to DarkRP but with an inventory, a backpack, more items and is based on Cakescript G2. (It isn’t forked from DarkRP).

I’d help you set it up and maybe fix a few things but the gamemode is (almost) feature-complete.

My main WIP gamemode is called “SeriousRP” and is not available yet but will wipe the floor with CityScript.

Sounds intressting! Add me on steam buddy and we’ll continue this conversation there.


EDIT: If others are intressted also, just comment down below and let me know!

I’ll add you in a few hours from now and we’ll talk.

Alright! Looking forward to it

I am currently getting back into making Gmod servers and this seems like something i would like to do. I added you so we can talk

Sure thing buddy!

It’s a donation, not a salary. Put it towards improving your server, not your personal lives.

That’s what I would’ve wanted to do. A few bucks here and there wouldn’t be to much help for me irl, but it might be if it’s being used towards the server.

if the only thing you’re doing is paying for the server then your donation cut should solely be the $25/month server operating cost and the rest to your coder

Not quite sure what you’re trying to tell me here buddy

I think some people here are confused. I can see why. Many people offer up X in return for Y. This isn’t quite the same thing. In my case, I’m happy for someone to run my gamemode so long as there’s no expectation that I’m available on-tap for support. So it’s all good.