Looking for people for Gmod project

Hi.I need a person or team of people who would want to create really serious gmod project.
I do not have an experience with Garry’s Mod, but I see a good business opportunities with this game.In other words - I’m someone who have a nice budget to create a huge project ,but without great team of people - my money is worthless.
So I really need the proficient people who have lots of experience of managing gmod community and creating a perfect servers.
You can be alone and we will create a team , or you already could have a team of people , that would be great!
As i said i will finance all things and i will pay for all team from the begin.
I hope that any people will interest into this.

Sorry for my bad english in advance.

Who seriously would take it - My SkypeID: ahuj.atsf

you aren’t going to get far here without demonstrating your talent or having been here for a while – especially since you just signed up three days ago and have yet to tell us what your idea is or even if you know what the parts of the process to get something fully realized or not.

I already mentioned that i just see a good business opportunities with this.I have a big budget to finance all stuff and regularly pay for all team.
I do not like scripting, programming , codding…
If you love gmod and you want to earn money by spending your time on gmod project - that’s perfect.
For me it’s not a hobby, it’s a business niche.

I would be willing to help out on this project.
I have been an admin and superadmin on many DarkRP servers in the past and I am also admin on the major propkill servers.
Some of the experiences I have

Globalcross PK (Admin)
CloudGamingEU (Mod)
RK gaming (Admin)
Comic gamers (SuperAdmin)
XLG gaming (Superadmin, admin, mod ect)
Some more that I can’t remember

Davids EU propkill (Admin)
Gages US propkill (Admin)
Shinycows propkill (Admin)
Development DarkRP (friends server) (Super admin)

I have excellent strength in dealing with administrative situations making sure to take both sides into account and checking the logs before issuing any punishment but I also have worked in Lua before and produced clientside scripts alongside editing DarkRP (I know editing DarkRP is not really coding but I can do it effectively and can read code) .

Could you please add me on skype: ahuj.atsf

What is your steam I would prefer to add you that way as I don’t have skype at this current moment.

Wait a minute, weren’t you just ranting on and on about big servers and people who only think of Gmod as a business are mislead?

It’s a business for me.I know that for almost all of you gmod is a hobby , so i think it’s possible to connect your interest with mine.
For example you don’t want to spend your money on all the stuff(dedicated machines , website , promotions , etc…).And you want to earn money from this, constantly.
So is it not a good way to find common interests?
For me is absolutelly no matter what kind of servers you would want to create or how you gonna do project.I will give a full freedom of creativity for my team. I will respect all your minds.And even if sometimes it would be unfavorable for the profit.
Generally, I finance all the stuff , pay for my team and give full freedom and comprehension.

Our last hope against the Big Server Men has become one of them.

So as I understand - I don’t have any opportunities to invest money into this?No one does not want?
Principle that I finance all stuff and I constantly pay for all team doesn’t work in this case?

Today marks the end of an era. In with the age of the Big Server Men.

Unlike other large gaming communities, Garry’s Mod is pretty unique in that is tight knit and requires a lot of generosity. All the people who end up succeeding monetarily through the game and community are all well-known in their own respect, and have put in the work to be trusted. Although this might be a simple business opportunity for you, there’s a lot on the line for many other community members. One corrupt bargain or display of greed can do a lot to a name.

Are you the guy who pm’d me the same thing, but with a CTRL+V style message?

You can go to your PMs and check

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