Looking for people interested in helping me make a video series

Hey guys, I’ve returned to trying to use Gmod as a creative tool to make videos. I’m going to be relatively light on work this summer so I’m interested in making a short Star-wars themed video series. There is a wealth of good maps and models to work with so it seem’s like not a terrible idea.
Although making these kind of videos is rather challenging on my own and I’m looking for collaborators, to lend voice-acting as well as technical help in the actual filming of the shorts.
Here’s a link to a short Demo video I made in about 6 hours.

If your interested let me know by telling me what help you could provide and your steam I;D.

Three questions:

  1. Do you have a super briliant idé in your head?
  2. Are you somewhere between the age of 12-16?
  3. Are you the one who’s going to structure things and contribute with ideas?
  4. Do you tend to use that camera work often?
  5. Would you like to share more about the purpose of the series?
  6. Are you going to host the server?’
  7. What’s the salary?

To answer a few of those questions, I do have some solid ideas. Nothing concrete at this time but some good rough stuff to work with. Now If I can get some other people involved I’ll be more motivated to flesh it out. I’m 23. And yes I would be the creative mind, and be responsible for coming up with the majority of ideas. Although another perspective is also welcome. I’m still trying to learn good camera techniques this is something I could use help with. As far as the purpose of the series? There’s not alot of decent quality star wars themed gmod video’s and I think as a medium gmod could work to make a decent mini-series. Yes I’ll host the server. The purpose of the series is purely personal. I’m looking for other fans of the star wars series who want to make something cool. And as far as a salary goes I’m not really in a position to pay anyone for their work, as there would be no way to monetize these videos. Unless the quality of what you can bring bring is exceptional, then maybe I could compensate somewhat.

I used to make my own Gmod videos; gimme a pm sometime and I’ll see if there’s anything I can do to help, free of charge.

If you need voice work, shoot me a PM. I’m a pretty busy dude and can’t promise huge scripts, but I’m always willing to help out in my free time. My voice sounds like this.

I can do some voice work too, but I’m pretty busy in the summer.

That is one glorious voice.