Looking for people, old Rust (18+)

Aye, goodevening… How’s it going?

Alright so i’m looking for a few lads to play with (there are no females!!!)

Why not the new Rust?
Once they added sounds to the animals i’d love to play it. Just can’t beat the ninja bears 'n shit…

Why 18+?
Me mum said it’s wrong to play with young kids so… Just kidding i don’t mind a squeeky voice but i never like the attitude from some 14 y/o’s (NOT EVERYONE IS BAD)

Please have a mic !

Steam URL: http://steamcommunity.com/id/dastick

Have a good day!

I’m from The Netherlands btw.

The animals do have sounds, the only one I think doesn’t have a sound is the wolf and they are pretty rare to see most of the time. Also if a dev sees this the chicken sounds need to be changed they sound ridiculous lol…

Oi der matey, Aye wold reely loik 2 jein ye fleet, but me ol’ reliable betsy heer gave oop on me, so eem salin on a toeelet poiper raft if ye no wet aye meen?

My psu died but i love playing legacy rust, i will fix it as soon as i get out of this economical shithole and i hope we shall meet, Stick guy with a halapanyo picture on steam :smiley:

Just a quick question to get inside of my trust circle, what’s 9+10? (hint: Twinny Juan)

(btw i’m 14 huehuehuehuehuehuehue)

i’d like to make a team 30+ … i just cant stand kids this days

Ur a pickey one eh?
Not all of us 12to15 year olds are stupid and immature, hell most of us are more mature than adults but you don’t notice since we don’t spam the living fuck outta you, we just play like any other adult