Looking for people that want to join me!

Hello everyone, I have been playing Rust for quite a while now and need a group to join. I am pretty active on Rust, I am a pretty decent shot, and I can play any style you want. I do have a mic and skype. I can download any other applications to speak if you need me to. I’ve played 86 hours of Rust so far, but I consider myself pretty experienced. Anyways just wanting to get into a good group to play Rust with.

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Add me on steam: MrNoobsock

Hey! My clan and I are looking for players like you to join us! If you’re interested in joining, here are the steps that you need to follow! Go to the official Clan website and sign up there! www.NWOclan.org/ -If you get accepted please follow these steps to join our TeamSpeak! or you can simply find out the TS info on the website! : Add me on Skype: xxspiritualangelxx (or) SpartanCrafter0 [and/or] add me on Steam: NSK Spartan/ViejaPutiada - I hope to see you soon!