Looking for people that would like to start a "full" RP Rust server

Greetings dear player of Rust.

I’m really exited to play on a “fully” RP rust server
(“fully” is quoted because you obviously can’t RP everything"

I can give you a basic example of how it would go.

There will be 2 (or more) villages with X amount of people in it.

They’re all neighbours and they will live together. There will be one leader and you basicly make your own town.
You could give jobs to your civillians, could make them pay taxes in order to live in your town something like that.

It’s just a basic structure and i’d really like to have a group or 5+ people working on an awesome server.

If you’re interested feel free to add me on Steam.

In this server we really enforce people to RP.

Shooting is the last thing you do, only if it’s an emergency, you can still demand people to drop their loot. If they don’t listen? Then you must find a way to make 'em do it ! (However gun fear should be RP’ed if you got nothing to defend yourself properly)

We could create a big PvP area in case people just want to shoot and waste ammo (for the tough PvP people)

Just imagine you living with your neighbours in a protected village with a big walls around the town with archer towers, defending your base whilst you might be getting raided.

Everything is still discussable, however keep in mind we’ll try to RP as much as possible (feelings and stuff)

Hopefully there are some RP freeks out there just like me that wants to give it a shot. Don’t care if we’ll get a server with 10 or 100 people.

Reasson for doing this:

Vanilla servers… modded servers, i’ve been there it’s getting less fun everytime. Would be nice to try something else, if it doesn’t work then to bad… But worth a shot.
Have a nice day.

I got a server that isn’t really doing anything ATM
I’m down to let you all use it for this purpose.

That’s great, could you add me on Steam please? I’ll be back in a hour (dinner) and we could discuss some stuff.

Can probably get a group of 10 players that might be interested.