Looking for people to group up in rust with.

I apologize if this ends up in the wrong category, i was already banned once for that and i really don’t know what this fits into so i apologize if i miss it, anyhow, i’m looking for some people to group up with, my Steam name is Xerroz, i have over 200 hours on rust so i’m not new once so ever, i know how the game works but so far i do not know really who i can “Trust” I’m in the US, about right in the middle so i guess you can estimate if your ping would fit if you played with me. You must have a mic, i also have mumble, teamspeak, vent, and skype, my name on skype is also Xerroz.

Please either reply with name on the forum and be an active player, you can also add me on steam and message me there if you like, thank you for reading and once again i do apologize if i missed a sub forum, i do understand that can get under people’s skin.

Thanks for reading.


Me and my friend are US Central too. We’re both pretty active and could use another person to team up with since we have a few who are kind of in and out at times. Add me on steam: reynolds232