Looking for people to Join Server

Hi, I am starting a server soon and I am looking for people to join, (bored of playing on servers with only 5 people).

This is how the server is going to work:
-There will be Events every Sunday, Starting from 12 pm EST to 12 am EST (May vary from racing to creative mode to mass free for all gun battles or any suggestions) *Note: server will be reset every Sunday at 12am EST
-There will be friendly, active admin(s), promise of no admin abuse
-Bi-Daily airdrops (2 Day in-game cycles)
-It will be a democracy so everything will be put to a vote
-Mods are available upon request (voted in)
-It will be a PVP server
-Friendly community
-Have fun

I, welcome any comments/ suggestions for a more desirable server and will post the server IP as soon as it is available (around next week) and update with any additional details. Hope to see you soon

Server address:

Let’s do it!

I only request that you spawn in a horde of bears on Sunday afternoons, if possible. I’ll also accept rabbits.