Looking for people to make a RP server with!

Hello guys/girls
Im planning on making an RP server for GMOD =)
And I wonder if anyone wanna join me?
I pay host and all that so no worries =)
And I would love to get a guy thats good in Lua :slight_smile: Cuz I suck…

If you gonna reply only negative stuff, dont bother…
If you wanna join add me on steam: Asbonia

Peace bro’s

I’ll join you if you pay me.

and let me guess, they will become co-owner of your dark RP server…?

That depends on the person…
Activity, friendly etc is ofcourse needed
If I feel he/she is good then yeah, they get Co-Owner

Now you ask for someone who is good with lua, is your rp server any different than the other ones out there?

You need something to set it apart, unless you’re just playing with some friends, in which you didn’t need to post here.

Yeah, well, I got over 30jobs, ingame MP3 player, Wire(OFC), PCmod2, drugzmod(Soon) etc
I dont know if it was this info you wanted though, but but :slight_smile:

Same as others. Having a lot of jobs is dumb, and doesn’t make it any better.

Use a map set on Xen or some shit for lulz.


“Ill give you co-owner if you run my DarkRP server for me”

i have a diploma in adminship. i graduated from west minge high school. i have been admin on 50 different srs rp servers. i am very trustworthy. make me sa and u will get many playrs. promise bro

I’ll code lua for you.

hi . i can maek server if u weant add me on stem. kthx http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561197960279927

Hey, im good at PAWNO scripting, i can do LUA too, add my skype: wessel.liemburg

We’ll speak further on skype:)

If you check best admins.com I’m voted 14th best admin on the game Garry’s Mod perhaps you should consider me.

I suggest asking one of your friends to help out first instead of asking here on facepunch. All you’ll get is a lot of negative comments. :stuck_out_tongue:

What kind of retarded system is that… You can’t vote for best admins, it’s not like every single player knows every single server and its administrators…