Looking For People to Play With

What’s up everyone,

I’m from the OC, 24, male, film student and I want to make some friends that I can play multiplayer with. Any kind of person would be fun to play with as I am used to only playing with strangers. Not even sure if you can add friends or how that works but, I’ve put maybe 20 hours into the game and honestly watched a lot more gameplay on Youtube. Would be nice to have some people to play with. I won’t be home till the 20th but, we can add each other on Facebook or something. Would be cool to play with people and that’s about the extent of why I am posting. I am getting a headset in the next week and should have it by the time I get back home.

Only other games I am planning on playing that are multiplayer are GTA V (won’t buy till I have people to play with) and NBA 2k17.

Facebook? Why not Steam?


You guys are obviously very mature.
I write a post with good intentions yet, you and your negativity can only point out what you don’t like. It’s nice to sit behind a keyboard and try to seem cool but, in the end it shows your insecurities about your own self-image that you respond in a way that does nothing towards the intent of the original post.

It is fairly obvious that I don’t know how Steam works if you are capable of any kind of deductive reasoning. So, instead of being rude and petty like you decided to be, why not be helpful like when I say, “not sure if you can even add friends or how that works” you can give me advice rather than respond in the ways that you did.

I am looking for people that I want to play with multiple times a week. Sorry if you think adding someone on Facebook is a very intimate experience but, for me it’s a place of social interaction like instagram or Twitter. Sorry, you must not be used to anyone beyond your mom and grandma asking to be your friend on Facebook.

I’d never add someone who ive just met on the internet of fb, way too much info about me on there.

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Also the best way to find people to play with is go on servers and find a community with people you like in, then stick around in it.

Was not aware that you could add people on Steam. I always used consoles for MP while using my PC for games like CIV V, Sims,and 2k16 (which I have only played SP so far). I’ve had Steam for about a year but, don’t know anybody else who games and especially not on the PC. Also, if I am going to be playing with someone multiple times a week, I’d enjoy having them on social media- that’s kind of what friends do.

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Well, to me PMing first would of course come before randomly adding someone on FB. I have played on random servers and it is mostly little kids with headsets that I end up muting. This is why I listed my age and a it of information about myself so I could find similar people to play with.

I am fairly surprised at the “backlash” I am getting like this is such an odd thing. Back when I used to game non-stop on Madden and CoD people would post things like this all the time. It’s pretty straight forward.


Bullshit attitude aside though, if you are looking for mature players, the pretty much only place you can find them is the builder community. Get familiar with SProps, ACF, precision alignment, some basic Wiremod usage (i.e. how2wire stuff), perhaps some Expression 2 coding if you like programming (if you don’t or, like me, got mental issues related to understanding logics in a certain way, there’s also a lot of public codes available)

It’s also the only truly creative part of GMod. Check here for some impressions: http://forum.facepunch.com/showthread.php?t=1446307

Most of the time the people who post here are either immature pricks or kids, and a lot of us have had bad experiences with dealing with them. Honestly just take my advice and find a decent community to join and hang around with them, asking for friends tends to get you nowhere.

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And with regards to your Facebook point, out of the 6 or so people I talk with regularly that aren’t irl friends, I have 1 of them on Facebook.

Thanks for the serious response this time lmao. I’d tried to learn some of the stuff withing the builder community but, it was a lot to handle at once especially when i’d try to make stuff but it would just be me playing by myself. I’d seem some pretty fun videos of people playing Prop Hunters and Deathrun, would love to make my own deathrun. I’ll check the link out though, thanks.

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Yeah. I will try that. I tried without a mic and it’s just not that easy lol.

Makes sense, and I get that people are like that. My Facebook is privatized to the max and I don’t anything too personal on there.

Better prepare your ass for weeabos, kids and demands of lots of playermodels if you aim for a well populated server. About building, it’s mostly you playing by yourself and the simplest way to get into that is a suspension tutorial like the one from Jackpody.

Playing Sandbox together mostly happens on events like GNR, challenging other builders for a race, an ACF duel or somesuch.