Looking for people to raid all our stuff - New Member and Referral kits - PVP - Group Chat - Mumble Available

**OXIDE - PVP - Sleep - Remover Tool - Groups - Private Messages and Group Chat - Mumble **

Looking for a server with professional admins, that are active, friendly and helpful?
Wanting to switch servers because of abusive admins or excessive lag, but don’t want to lose all your stuff?

Then you should join our new server!

**Server IP: **net.connect


Switching servers can be a real bummer, especially if you’ve invested a lot in building a base and gathering blueprints. That’s why we’ve got some sweet deals to offer new players get started, for a limited time.

New Player Pack
-500x Wood
-2x Metal Doors
-Pick Axe
-Sleeping Bag
-Hunting Bow and Arrows
-In addiction to the AutoStarter Pack when logging in

Buddy Pack
If you bring at least 1 friend with you both will receive:
-750x Wood
-3x Metal Doors
-35 rounds of 9mm ammo
-Full set of Leather Armor
This should be enough for you to start building your new base.

Group Pack
If you bring at least 4 players with you, your group will receive (in addition to the above rewards):
-1000x Wood
-2x M4 Assault Rifles
-75 rounds of 556 Ammo
-2x Shotguns
-80 Shotgun shells
-1x MP5
-100 9mm Ammo

This is a limited time deal for new players. We just want to give you enough to get started while we populate the server
**To get your package, message an Admin in game or Steam **

As of this posting, there’s well over 4,000 hosted rust servers. So what makes us better than the other guys?

We’re organized
We have an enthusiastic volunteer admin staff that knows their stuff. This is just a side hobby of course, but a couple of us work in IT so we bring a professional touch to our work. Our admins are players on the server and follow strict rules to prevent abuse.

We’ve done this before
We’ve done (and do!) large WoW guilds, Minecraft servers, Starbound servers, and competitive Planetside 2 outfits. We enjoy hosting servers and organizing small gaming communities.

Cheating: Zero tolerance policy for people who abuse exploits or hacks. Duh!

Hope to see you in game soon.