looking for people too play with

i’m quite bad, only know the basics, can speak skype, from sweden.
can gather and farm quite effectively tho
send pm and ill give you skype etc

I’ll play with you, we have a team of about 50 people on hack free servers, whats your player name?

[http://s29.postimg.org/wgdjby4x3/images_1.jpg](this was a link to a cheat site)

we just got a server made with active admins so there arent any hackers feel free to add me on steam Khan Mang is name. We can help you out and show you the ropes.

Yo mannen! You can add me on steam if you like, Lesnige_uk

You add me, I can’t add people

I’ll explain later :slight_smile:

Why can’t you add people? You on a community ban or something?