Looking for people

Looking for a nice group of people (around 3/4) that are willing to record with me and upload to YouTube.
Games I play: Rust, 7D2D, DayZ SA, DayZ Mod, BF4 and more.
If your one of the people, reply to this post :slight_smile:

I suggest you go on Youtube and write a message to a YouTuber that makes “Rust, 7D2D, DayZ SA, DayZ Mod, BF4 and more” videos and ask him.

The fewer subscribers he has the higher is your chance I guess.

Already tried that with a lot. All of them are so far up their ass it’s unbelievable. I played with a guy for other 3 months, got up to 4k subs and he deleted me:quagmire:

Only game i got i can play with you is rust… so yeah. I also got a mic and ts.

Add m e on skype kacper.sledz1

may i ask how old you are? :smile:

17, how come your asking?