Looking for people

Hi everyone, I’ve played Rust as a solo for quite a while, in doing this I have found that most people don’t like to interact, aka, my first neighbours shot at me if I got to close (even though I saved them from a bear) and my second neighbour blew into my base, and stole everything except my M4 (weird right?). Now, your first thought would probably be that i’m stupid for even having neighbours, I didn’t choose them, they appeared over night when I thought I was in a nice secluded area…
Bottom line is, i’m getting sick of solo, and want to know if there is a good clan out there, willing to take me in. I’m already part of the 'Order of the BlackSkulls (probably don;t know them) but they are a more casual, ‘make a town, do what u want’ type of clan, on top of that, they havn’t found a main server after our old one shut down. So, I’m just hoping a good, committed clan with a large base, and good gear, whom plays on a regular bases, and on PvP servers, and enjoys raids, will be cool if I join, kinda like a pack mule. Personally, I’m not to bad a shot, and don;t mind mundane tasks… Essentially PvE is boring with my friends, cause their scared out of their minds of playing on a PvP, so, thank you for reading, and I hope you consider me.

Steam Name: jacob9953

skype: thepvpincorporated

Hey man I know that you said that your looking for a clan to play with but a partner is even better and it could always use more people, I’ve been playing on my server for a few days now and got a 6 story house, I’ve realized on such a large server it’s better off to be with a group of people or have a partner and I’d rather have one person that I trust rather then having 5 or 6 people where any one of them could turn on you and take all your stuff. Anyways I’m doing pretty good so far in my server and I got a pl a certain in a really nice location peak times there’s usually the max which is 100 people on, do you never have to worry about the server being under populated. Well let me know if your down for it man later.