LOOKING FOR PLAYERS Name: Active Admins[UK][NoDecay][DoorShare][NEWRust++1.5][NoPvP]

All Welcome[ENG][NoDecay][PvP][Freindly][Rust+]
We are a PVP Server that has towns like (admin town where players can move to for protection but out side the walls danger is every where) JOIN NOW AND BUILD UP YOUR HOME AND TEAM UP…

How to join the server:
Press F1 at the main menu and paste this: net.connect
or look for the server name in the server browser (or history if played before)


Server Admins:
RobJ // RIC0H // Psymon

Server Rules:
Our server rules can be found Here
Please be sure to read them and follow them.

The Map:
We currently use This Map for the server with user towns marked also.

Vote For Our Server HERE