Looking for players! [Server]

Hey Rust players,

    Me and my friend Mr.Purple started a brand new server. It needs more players, as in right now it has around 3 active players. We are looking for some staff but you have to prove your loyalty etc. The server has the following features:

   - Instacraft
   - Airdrops at 6 players [Will increase with players]
   - 1 admin, 1 owner
   - PVP
   - Rust++
   - Starter kit
   - And many other fun features!

   So, come join you might even be the next mod or admin.  (Don't ask for admin or mod)
   IP: net.connect

then how will we know we are in line to become mod or admin rofl

Me and the owner will tell you, just get out trust.

apparently I can’t read, but this is in the wrong section

Yep, you most not have read the ip -_-

use it god dammit