Looking for players to play with!

I am a pretty experienced player looking for anyone who wants to join me on this server. I want a friendly community of several groups after awhile. Noobs are super welcome! Ill teach you the ropes!!! The server has a mumble so itll be easy for us to communicate!

My name is Nubsmoker on steam! Message me or join the mumble! look for Nubsmoker on mumble!

Server Information:

  • 150 Slot Server
  • IP: net.connect
  • Location: San Jose, CA.
  • PvP: On
  • Sleepers: On
  • Airdrops: 25 people are on the server at once.
  • Crafting Timescale: 50%
  • Active Admins: 9

Mumble Information:

  • 150 Slot Server
  • Location: San Jose, CA.
  • Message an Adminstrator for the information.

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