Looking for POLISH players !


We play few days, build a big house already with big amount of metal door - today some guys did great job, they stolen some guns from our house.

We got everything what needed for fresh/new players, u can play first time, we will give u safe place, weapon for start. We also can craft some good stuff :smiley:

All you need is to join our teamspeak:, then wait for me (rybcia) on ts, or just log in when u can, you will catch me for sure.

Only for polish players. All we need is 2-4 more ppl to defend the house, take more stuff and fight vs french guys :smiley:

players who polish things?

Hey fluber,

Itโ€™s really nice that polish community is absent on official Rust forums . I am replying to your post to invite you and your friends to our polish server and website weโ€™re currently running. We are trying to grow big - so we can all have fun togheter! Feel free to join us! It will be a big pleasure to have you on our team!