Looking For Programmers!

Looking for programmers to join my group, to help with Garrys Mod projects, and much more. The group name is, “Solitude Studios”. Currently I am working on a website for it, and everything. I’m not too advanced in any language, but I know a lot in every one I listed below.

Steam: [SLT ST] Program

Languages I know:

Java Proccess

Wow. So you just came up with some thoughts in your mind and the first thing you do is to create a pretty aimless recruitment thread on facepunch? This is what it sounds like for me.

Please leave for now, rethink your “project” carefully and come back with a more detailed concept.

Maybe you should learn lua or even any basic programming before you criticize the validity of someone else’s programming attempts. At least he’s doing something with what he’s learned, even if it is a bit optimistic.