Looking for raiding clan

So far its just me and a few friends on Rust. We’ve got all unlocks and Raided a few places, but they seem to be gettin bored while im just getting into it, so I was looking for an active raiding clan that would allow me and possibly a few friends in with them, Weve all got over 50 hours in the game, and are wel versed in the gaming world. So if any clans needs a few more people let me know.

i want to join you guys ,would you like to post your steam ID?

Must get boring C4ing home of people offline.

Do I know you?

Nope not at all. But I know your type.

The way I see it is people have raided us while we were offline. We built a better place. Other people can do the same as well. And as far as raiding people when they’re offline, yea it sucks but if they are worried about it build a better base or play on a non pvp server.

feel free to join us (Raiding group with c4s and pvp!) read my comments below =D thanks!

It’s hard to survive out there; that’s why you need FRIENDS!

We’re currently looking for age of 18 and up active mature players in our group. We have about 20 players (a few are inactive). Our group uses voice chat communication (ventrilo) and is playing in the U.S server where the admin is extremely friendly and helpful without a single admin abuse power!

group creation/c4craftable/airdrop10/noobfriendly

our group can provide shelters (imprenganble base)/weapons(m4, shotgun)/food/armor(full kevalr suits)

all we ask you is to participate in our raids and do supply runs with us! (yes you must be willing to contribute in order to join our group)

feel free to check out group page and add me on your friend steam list!

see you guys in the RUST game!