Looking for recompiled weapons to use with Garry's Mod (asking for stuff already done, not requesting any work)

Hey, I’m super hesitant to post this. I want to make clear that I’m not requesting for any work from anyone else. Instead, I’m just looking for some general use military weapon models that I can make SWEP’s with, and was wondering if people had any ideas as to where I can look.

The reason why I made this thread is by peering through this forum, it seems that the weapons that are ported or made are generally for posing - which is totally cool and understandable. I was hoping people could help me out with finding some Garry’s Mod-ready model packs or something like that.

Thanks, and apologies if this comes across as annoying at all. Don’t know where else to put it, honestly.

What era of military weapons? Obviously CS:S and DOD:S default models/reskins are going to be a huge resource depending on the time period you are looking for.

Anything, really. I have unfinished gamemodes that bounce around in time and the gamemode I’m working on can have weapon sets that switch based on map.

To give an answer, though: modern would be best, and any old stuff is a bonus that I will appreciate just as much.

Why not take a look at Firearms Source?

They’ve already made SWEPs of them. Try Insurgency (the new one), also there’s plenty of weapon model packs around here. Just check out the ports and hacks WIP thread and look who’s posting something - and check out their threads.

The problem is that most of them are set up for posing, and not set up for use with SWEPs. (unless I’m wrong but that’s what it seems like)

Well… What do you mean “set up for posing”? If you’re looking for models with viewmodels and animation, check gamebanana or some other sites with CS skins.

I thought you have someone who’d handle this. I’m also not sure what do you mean by “recompiled”…

Yes, I need fixed world models. CS:S world models do not work.

I don’t know who you think I am - I’m a one-man show with nobody that works for me. :stuck_out_tongue: