Looking for reliable co-owner

Hey guys, I am getting a community up and running and I was wondering if there is any Gmod coders out here that would like to run this community with me.

I am a coder myself, but 2 people together will be better cause I am not the best as I am still learning. I have a dedicated box for you to use and you will be given full access to everything.

Dedicated Server Stats:
Xeon E3-1240
10 GBPS Port

I have money to pay you if you want to get paid also, but if you’re really part of the team, you wouldn’t need to be paid as I do this for a hobby also and not for profit.

I am not one of those 15 year old kids asking for a DarkRP coder either that you see on here, as I hope to promote us as a unique and mature community with the help of you.
If you’re serious and interested, add me on skype @ chadreed93 and we can discuss this more or hit me up by private message.

EDIT: If you’re 13 and you tell me you can “code” and you can make DarkRP jobs, I will find you and take your cookies out of your grandmother’s jar and blackmail it on you so you get grounded…Just sayin…

Would you pay me if i developed a script for your server to make it constantly restart every 30 seconds?

Dont look for administrators here, you wont find any good ones (at least ones willing to help). And if you need scripts to be written you can either find them or buy them

Don’t make fun of 15 year old kids (such as myself), they aren’t the ones going on FacePunch looking for a co-owner to do the work for them.

Could you guys tone it down? Honestly if you’re not going to post something useful to the OP why post at all? Is it because you want to get your daily rant of bullshit?.

On Topic: How skilled of coders are you looking for?

So you run a “community” with 7 servers and you don’t have a co owner by then. Seems like you just use CoderHire scripts.

Also there are some 15 year olds who have a better community than you and CAN code.
Not me obviously :v:

Just find someone in your player base to code. Someone you trust. Not some random person. (Unless you hire them in which case you still don’t trust them)

May i ask, why you would ask a random person to be your Co-Owner, and not a Friend you can trust or one of your Players?

Me! Me! Me!

I wouldn’t trust a guy this enthusiastic.

I’ll do 10% of the work for 90% of the profit. Don’t think you’ll get a better offer.

Sorry, my nigga Extronic decided to work with me on this.

Poor him.

hi guys take a look in this post: http://forum.facepunch.com/showthread.php?t=1394046

(User was banned for this post ("Don't advertise your thread in other threads." - Swebonny))

I’ve known Nate for a little while and he personally messaged me on steam asking me to help him with it. I wasn’t aware that he was just taking random people though, I don’t support that. But I don’t have anything better to do so why not?

EDIT: After further investigation, I read through Nate’s post history and got other information and the fact that I simply am losing intterest in GMOD that led me to not support this and I refuse to work for this at all


:slight_smile: I’ve known him for a little while too. He once personally messaged me, asking for a job. As I recall, he lied on his references, made up shit and then stole a shit ton of stuff from coderhire.

Anyway, I wish you both the very sincerest of luck.