Looking for resource on getting vehicles into gmod.

Hi everyone! I have been modelling for a good while now. I have successfully compiled many static props into gmod, and am quite familiar with setting up QC files, creating vtf and vmt textures, creating collision meshes, and all-in-all getting models into gmod very nicely. Lately however, I’ve been interested in learning how to get a vehicle working in gmod. I have looked through the Valve Developer Wiki extensively, and found a lot of valuable information on what to name the bones of a vehicle, what animations to make, set up the vehicle’s QC file, etc. But have found no information on how to take a vehicle model and set it up to be a spawnable vehicle in gmod. I have looked at some of the vehicle scripts that can be found in the /garrysmod/scripts/ folder to try and figure out how they might be tied to their corresponding vehicles in the game, but to no avail. I’ve been able to adjust the handling characteristics of the vehicle the script belongs to, but failed to figure out how the actual vehicle in game is tied to that file.

I ran into this while looking for info on the VDC Wiki: https://developer.valvesoftware.com/wiki/Vehicle_code and just gave up after I saw that flowchart… I dont know what any of it means! And I’d love to learn. Could someone give me a little info, or point me in a direction where I could find information on the subject of getting vehicles into gmod? That would be huge help, and very appreciated! Thanks!

I am also familiar with the fundamentals of the lua language. But tbh, am not very familiar with how lua files are structured in gmod, or gmod specific libraries etc.