Looking for RP

Anyway im looking for another fun rp server im a serious RPer that usally plays these scripts =Cake,taco,lemonade,lime (Which lemon and lime were basicly cake). Various RP’s and RP jobs i had (Besides citizen)

StarWars RP= Clone trooper

Fallout 3= Slaver

HL2= Stalker,CP,Rebel

Zombie RP = No special jobs but i got to be infected a few times

Medieval/Fantasy= Innkeeper

And thats all i can remember

It’s adorable that you think finding an RP server is like getting a job. :keke:

Well, normally people talk like that, it’s like a fucking job.

Eh i normally talk like that like he said ^

Well, if you want to try something completely new and fresh; you should join [GM]Roleplay.

Other than that I know of plenty of other good servers as well such as NecroPolis and Roleplay Union.

People always forget about me :ohdear:.

Sorry, I just haven’t heard anything about your community from a place other than facepunch.

Thanks ill check them out now and look at the story and such.Hmm i must say GM looks interesting ill take a look at the server and i’m going to check out ravens later

Anyway i still haven’t found anything yet…So this request is still open but i would please like a Serious RP That for once is NOT HL2 im getting tired of all the HL2 servers and would like to see one with a custom story or somthing like Fallout

When you joined [GM]Roleplay, were you alone on the server? It’s pretty hard to get immersed when there are no people on :stuck_out_tongue:

Let me know when/if you want to give it another shot and I’ll join myself & introduce you to the rp.

Echo II Roleplay

The most immersive post apocalypse roleplay available. I actually have 3 necropolis admins hang around if you wanna sharpen your skills, you can also have dog characters and either become a part of the Remnant Military or a Bandit. If you want the IP you can pm me. I don’t trust some people on facepunch.

Eww, echo II is so damn bad!

EEk, actually it’s one of- No, the best zombie server I have ever played on

[GM] is also an amazing server, but it has a major lack of players for the amazing backstory that it has. :smiley:

You can also try out [KORA] cough Serious school RP

Thank you for being honest when it comes to [GM], you are absolutely right. At the moment the playerbase is at an all-time low, I work a lot so I don’t have much time to play. We do have a very active community/forum otherwise though. I believe that as soon as our new map is finished, tons of new people will join.

You should come by sometime, we are pretty serious and always welcoming newcomers.

Its not a zombie rp server :[

Its a serious post apocolypse roleplay server 3;

someone add me on steam X_brick_squad_X i just started and im looking for a sandbox game to learn things

Wow thanks for all the post…and ill check out some out