Looking For Rust RP Server

I cannot find any Good RP Servers at all with people on them I was wondering if someone else knows of any good RP servers I’ve searched for RP and Roleplay but the In game browser doesn’t really anything ever so any help would be great, THANKS!

There’s a Medieval Rust Server I play, try that…?

try looking for a ‘Rust Factions’. their setup isn’t exactly serious RP but it’s pretty close.

Medieval, Factions, and moon are the rp servers right now? Besides a few Russian ones.

I know some people is thinking about making a RP server, but will ask them if they want it to be public yet.

Try searching here:

Factions is a great server. Best community I’ve found so far on Rust. I stream on it literally every day. If you log on, message Phenix or someone from THC and we’ll get you a spot in the clan as long as you aren’t a weirdo or an a-hole.