Looking for Rust server admins for a very popular server!! averages 60 players.

My last wipe on this server was on 7/1 and since the wipe we have had an average of 60 or so players in the daytime. today the max was 30 players, so i’m gonna wipe it. I am looking for admins that just want to admin and not pvp on the server. I have found out that its hard to find good server admins that will not help out there friends and abuse the server. I am hoping to find someone that is credible and has already built a reputation in this game. Also, i would like to find someone that is mature. If you want to help people and kick out hackers and not abuse your powers at all, then you are what I am looking for. Please message me if you are interested in this position. Thank you for your time!!

Some of you may know me as Midnight from playing on my server.

hey add me on steam fireball1224 i would love to be an admin

Would be nice to know where the server is …
I have 300 hours in Rust, used to have my own server that was around 30 ppl on.
Closed it after getting tired of the game. After a long time away, I started playing again 2 days ago.
I am on a low pop norwegian server atm, have build 2 bases already, on different places for safety.
if you look at my post
you will see more of what I like …

On my old server, I was known for being fair, never shot anyone for fun, I did my raids but all I raided stated no admin abuse … I got killed many times when they raided me, all on good fun!

I do like my time gathering, helping and such, but don’t babysit ppl nor rage …

I am in Norway, so I can help if your server is in EU!

ill be down to admin one more time, skype me tudyy1 or find me on steam, username is tudyy

Hey, just wanted to say that I would like to help you with your server. I have over 1400 hours in the game. I am an older player and not so much into the PVP as the younger guys and gals are. Hit me up if you would like the help. I have ran 2 servers prior to this. Let me know…Bakwoods Bobby