Looking for Rust server admins for a very popular server!! averages 60 players.

My last wipe on this server was on 7/1 and since the wipe we have had an average of 60 or so players in the daytime. today the max was 30 players, so i’m gonna wipe it. I am looking for admins that just want to admin and not pvp on the server. I have found out that its hard to find good server admins that will not help out there friends and abuse the server. I am hoping to find someone that is credible and has already built a reputation in this game. Also, i would like to find someone that is mature. If you want to help people and kick out hackers and not abuse your powers at all, then you are what I am looking for. Please message me if you are interested in this position. Thank you for your time!!

Some of you may know me as Midnight from playing on my server.

the server is:

Wiped 7-01 Noob Friendly/Active Admins/NoDura/NoGrief/Vanilla