Looking for Rust Team

Hey guy’s Looking for rust team, you know for people we can defend and build a nice house with. My Experience on rust is only 110 hours, yet I have a wopping 2200 Hours on the counter-strike franchise (800 On GO, 1600 On Source) which helps with firefights. I only ask you be 14 years older and have Teamspeak! Here is my steam profile, Just add me and we can get down to raiding! http://steamcommunity.com/id/UnitedNoob Add Me!

WE WOULD LOVE TO HAVE YOU! You are perfect for our clan nwoclan.org I added you on steam i’m wapigeon! We have people from US and Asia of all ages! Check out nwoclan.org for more information! Anyway talk to me on steam. You can also add me on Skype at wapigeon.



Hey Wap was wondering if you still recruiting. I was looking for a team to play with that is pretty big. Hit me up on steam or just reply to this. Steam account is Pshhh