Looking for sausage and torch models

Ok i know that probably noone has these, but ill ask.

Does anyone have a sausage, or anykind of meat model? I know there is a model on garrysmod.org but it is buggy as its impossible to pick it up with gravity gun (it is not heavy or static dunno why is that when you hit it moves but unable to pick up or punt with gravity gun).

I need meat model for cooking.

Anyone has wooden torch weapon model?
Something like this


I need a simple wooden torch model weapon to use with hl2mp skeleton, with attachment on top for fire (could be just attachment place or with sprite already).

I do not ask for someone to make, maybe someone has it but did not upload it. It would be nice because im working on a source mod, but im unable to create models.

Please don’t start flaming. And no i do not own garrysmod.

Sorry if some sentences might not make sense, but im being distracted at the moment. Ill try to make more clearly if you ask.