Looking for scripter for BlushBox Servers.

Hi, We are looking for a lua scripter to help us make pointshop hats with proper positioning. Possibly other things if you are interested. If you can script we will give you a position as blushbox staff. We are just a small community right now but growing everyday. I am 22 years old and take the community very serious. Currently we have 2 servers. A TTT server and a Cinema server, and plan to expand in the near future. Add me on skype or steam if you are interested so we can work something out.

Steam: http://steamcommunity.com/id/djblushberry/
Skype: djblushberry

Any pay or is it just a position in the community?

Probably pay Thats why I said we could work something out. I would have to get the money for it and it shouldnt be too difficult.

**I have money to get and to pay. And more than willing to do so. I just need to make sure It’s enough. And I may have to close a server that is less than used to support that. so yes there might as well be pay.

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Yeah I could easily pay :slight_smile:

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I can do something, though I’m busy and I can’t guarantee I’ll be available 24/7.

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add me on steam hun

Added :3