looking for server builder and admin for new prophunt server

looking for someone to help me build/fix my server for prophunt including adding custom weapons and also be admin on the server.
must be able to build server using FTP and nitrous-networks.
must be able to add addons to server and add them to pointshop.
must be able to make SWEPs (ill provide models).

would be helpful if you have Skype.

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more info at http://cdrh.ir/escm

i can build good.
heres my license:

expires 2006 lol

you didn’t need to make two threads about this

im kinda in a hurry as i need to be able to use it on Monday. also i did not know where was appropriate to post it.

incase your interested this is now a paid job of $10 via paypal.

everybody stop thread, this guys got it handled lol

but seriously building a functional server out of existing addons is a total no brainer, its customizing it and fixing errors that gets you if you dont have any lua knowledge. I would highly recommend building the server yourself then putting those sweps you want created up as a coderhire job, I’m not sure many people will want to sit there uploading shit to your server for ages for 10 dollars

i tbh i already built 90% of it. as soon as i uploaded it 10 billion errors came up … i wouldn’t be asking if i didn’t spend a full 14 hours trying to sort it myself, but people seem to be quite vague with instructions. and no video tutorials exist.
what i actually need in its entirety is for someone to fix what i already have and add in 2 SWEPS and a Hud addon. thats all o.0