Looking for server manager PAID

Xafius Gaming is seeking a motivated individual to manage its already setup DarkRP and TTT servers. Please apply with the template below to be considered, thanks. This is a paid position and we will discuss your payment in your verbal interview. We expect you to have extensive knowledge of gmod servers and how to set them up properly, and make them run smoothly. Scripts are already bought and both servers are setup, but we do have things we need changed. We are also in need of non paid staff members for this server, if you are interested in one of those positions you can also apply below.

Skype Username:
Steam ID:
Garry’s Mod experience:
Managing/staffing experience:

(User was permabanned for this post ("joined just to advertise server" - OvB))


Name: Exho
Skype Username: Exho
Steam ID: Exho
Age: 12.5 (but im maturity for my age)
Location: everywhere but nowhere (thats deep)
Garry’s Mod experience: i can script the LUA
Managing/staffing experience: i talked to a moderator once
Comments: i can only play between 2-3am on weekdays and like the freedom to use the whip command at least 15 times per round. a small price for someone of my speciality

What would be the estimation of being paid?


30% of the profitable donations at the end of every month.

AKA from 0$ to 1.5$ a month?

You know, there’s always a kid who takes their mom’s credit card and purchases owner rank for 5$


I can honestly say this is quite the ugliest Enjin website I have ever seen

If you want me to go into detail, just ask.

But you won’t get a good playerbase nor anybody wanting to run your server for you just based on what I know from your website.


Why is one of your servers hosted in America and the other one… Hell I have no idea. Kinda looks like Japan but probably isn’t.

I’m yet to actually see the servers for myself, but at the same time I don’t even want to know.

For these reason I don’t think a single person will ever take this seriously. I certainly won’t, anyways.

EDIT: And why is this in dev discussion

how do you NOT know what that flag is?

but it is kind of funny it is named US TTT when it’s not

Maybe you should post your Skype so that we can contact you, and not the other way around.

How much are we talking here, like 0.25 cents an hour?

It’s the Union Jack flag breh.

Stop being penises.

Stop being not so super.