Looking for Server Owner.

Looking for: Server owner, dedicated, not in for the money but for the fun, able to properly tackle community problems, able to be easily contacted, able to properly communicate using the right wording and proper formality.

What you’re in for: A new, totally new serious RP experience, with an original script built off base Cakescript and an original story and setting ( Which are already finished. A couple edits may take place though. ). The main idea of the whole experience is space based interaction, on a highly futuristic and highly volatile setting with two huge corporations battling out the control of a solar system for it’s mineral riches.

On actual gameplay, gun fighting will be mostly discouraged, in favor of much more exciting spatial dog fights, facilitated by the Spacebuild ModelPack project, and a custom script for gravity interaction. Passive or semipassive RP will take on most of the time, ships will be handed to particular players by the use of applications, big amounts of ships, or big ships will be awarded at certain events. Alternatively, working for a faction will get you probably to pilot work ships, like miners and the like.

The non oppressive nature of the RP will mean that everyone will get a nice shot at doing stuff. Special abilities and the like will require application, but a certain threshold will be permitted. You don’t have to apply for a scar ( It’s so minor it will be accepted ), you shouldn’t even consider applying for being a demon god ( It’s so major it will be denied ). Players are allowed to totally forgo the faction aspect and start their own groups, or not be directly related to a faction.

On the structural side, adminship will have only one rank. Only two admins will be impossible to demote, server provider, and whoever is project lead ( In this case, me ). All admins will have the exact same vote and voice, no clashes of authority will then happen. However, admins can be specialized, one admin will take care of events and roleplay, the other of artwork and lore, another for scripting, and so on. While on server, admins are meant to be anonymous while doing administrative tasks, and should not directly reveal their status as admins.

On the monetary aspect, a system for special purchases may or may not be implemented, if donations don’t cover server expenses. We will never charge for things like flags, faction ranks, and so on, only extras will be sold, be it a custom model, in game money, a special kind of ship. The monetary aspect should not be a readily big issue, because it will take some time for profit to be generated. All advances that don’t go for server hosting will go to you, if the earnings exceed an agreed limit, maybe a cut can be permitted for dev team members.

Keep in mind this is serious RP, with storylines, character development, things like that. Things like letting your clan buddies get high ranks, giving your brother special stuff, or any sort of favoritism in any way will not be permitted. We’re making a deal here, that IC is sacred, and the dev team can in no way alter it without accessing it on character level.

Name of the Project: Not yet decided.

Project Developers: Only me so far. In the case more people are needed, I have contacts and acquaintances

Interested? PM me, post here, or contact me on SF ( thenoman ). Don’t miss up the chance, this could be the next big thing.

Wait, so, you haven’t actually began development on this yet?

To the contrary, everything is done already, the script and lore, the community isn’t set up yet, nor is the server though.

If anyone wants screenshots of the script, contact me.