Looking for server staff!

Hello, i’m running a prop hunt server and i really need admins. Most of the time i’m coding and adding new things to server so there’s no one to take care of rulebreakers. I’m only looking for admins that are at least 16 years old and without high blood pressure (I don’t want admin that will ban players just because they killed him multiple times). Server has decent amount of traffic every day (Full server on Sunday and Monday). It’s online 24/7. Hosted in UK, Bristol.

Stats from gametracker:


You can post here, PM me here or add me on steam. If you decide to add me on steam without PM’ing me here or posting on this topic, please consider leaving a comment on my steam profile before doing it. If not, you will be ignored.

You have a decent player base. Find admins there.

Hey, count me in.

If you are a coder and adding new things then you might want to think of making/coding it so that these people can’t break the rules.

It’s hard to find any. Most players are kids under 13…

I’m still a beginner. I’m more focused on making pointshop items which do not require a lot of lua knowledge.

Sure, add me on steam.

For the love of god dont give that random guy admin

I’ll take one admin please, I’ll only abuse on weekdays.

Server names these days are getting really fuckin’ weird, Vicious Donuts?

More like best name ever and I’m not just saying that because I like donuts.

Lol i got this name from cs go. I was looking for a good team name and i used random team name generator.