Looking for server that does no wipes!

I understand it’s alpha and all, but these server wipes are insane! First alpha I’ve played where your hard work is wiped every couple of days. It’s ridiculous! I know I’m going to be flamed here, but whatever.

Anyway, are there any servers out there that don’t do any of these annoying wipes?

No. Wipes are a necessity in development when a new update rolls out.

Weird. They can’t update it and let you keep everything? You know, like when the majority of other games do updates they don’t wipe everything…


We don’t wipe, unless it’s required due an update.
(and with next wipe, we install oxide)

ip: net.connect

Currently 20/75 people on it

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Starbound does wipes with updates, and just like Rust it’s an Early Access Alpha game. You can wait for the game to be out of alpha if the wipes annoy you that much.

Quote: ‘‘Early Access’’

^ besides that we’ll see some problems. my server had 2 wipes and both of them were because of fps/rust++ issues. first fps upgraded some stuff and all buildings are gone from one day to another, zero guilty. then after the last rust/rust++ upgrade fps did somethng wrong again with their mod auto update and the server started to reboot by itself. I removed and added the mod and it was impossible to connect to the server so I had to reinstall the service.

Yeah I guess I understand.

PFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFTTTTTTTTTTT is all I have to say. Sucks working hard on something and losing it in the blink of an eye.

I’ve built a metal township with over 100 metal foundations as well as a 75 wood foundation wall surrounding it (mountains are in the back). Currently has 7 buildings within, over 40 large spike walls and numerous wooden gates. I can’t wait for the server to be wiped so I can so it all over.

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