Looking for server

Since there was an Oxide wipe I am looking for a good server that I will actually want to play on. Looking for a relatively active server. Random Airdrops, craftable c4, no insta craft (half is fine), sleepers, and door share. Starter kit would be nice but not needed. Me and my friends are all US Central based. Thank you for any and all help.

sounds like my server…give us a try. server is 1 day old

West Coast Rust
Doorshare, Halfcraft, sleepers, Starter kits, C4 only craftable, airdrops randomized

press F1 then type:

We just started out about 30min ago! Got a forum up and mumble for the server! Right now we have two admins, myself and my cousin. We will not be spawning anything for ourselves. I’m recruiting two more admins who are trust worthy to do the same. If you would like to try us out and spread the word!

[US WEST] The Rust Nest - DoorShare/Active Admins/PVP/Fresh wipe