Looking for several maps

Yeah not sure if this is the best place but I might as well.
Looking for the following maps. If you have a copy, or know where I can find one, please tell me.

Several “battle” maps, which I believe originate from hl2 survivor, which are not present in the dm survivor map download
That hl2 deathmatch map taking place in the hl2 intro trainyard
nt_shibuya_ctg -I found a map with this name on the internet, but it had no resemblance to the one I am actually looking for
Some maps by the creator of gm_airex, gm_incinerator and gm_cityruins. I believe the name of one to be “gm_outsidecity”, whilst the other is a remake of the beta overwatch nexus

Thanks in a advance

I have acquired nt_core. Still looking for the others.

Yeah I know this is an old thread, just wanted to post something.

I have now acquired all of the Neotokyo maps. Most of them from some Russian site and the last one from Ryu-Gi. Due to the rarity of this map I have posted a backup for anyone interested:

Only ones I am still missing are cp_ignition_b3 and the gm_ beta maps, although I do not expect anyone here to have them anymore.

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