Looking for some advice about starting my own server

I’ve been googling lots of different stuff about the topic, but wanted to know a few specific things that I don’t know yet.

First: Since I’m developing my own gamemode I wanted to know about how I could best protect it from being “hacked”. I don’t play on using any workshop content I wanted to use all source stuff to cut download time to the maximum. DDOS Protection explanation too would be awesome if anyone knew about that.

Second: Who should I buy hosting from and do I need a VPS/VDS or a gameserver? I’m pretty sure I’m going to need a VPS/VDS because I’m looking for a stable gameserver or two and web hosting.

Third: Any need to know things about hosting a server or some advice/testimonials from server hosts who have experience running their own little gaming community for a Garry’s Mod gamemode.

Thanks and I’ll keep researching while I wait for a reply.

  1. Don’t be dumb.
  2. NFO is great
  3. Little is great, as soon as your not little everyone wants to be you and ddos you. Garrysmod is cancer.

Well how is the first point dumb?

Dont trust the client with modifying important information, do it on the server.

  1. make it a sandbox server
  2. dont be an adminfag
  3. dont have ranks or donation adverts
  4. dont have mods
  5. ban anyone under the age of 14 if you do not intend to troll them
  6. dont have an insane load of mandatory downloads and addons

flawless server rules are flawless

No the point isnt dumb. He’s saying don’t be dumb and you don’t get hacked, as exho said, never trust the client. Never allow the client to ever have an input in a RunString() or similar functions.

Some things I recommend:

  • Make sure all content in your gamemode fits together, as in: has the same style
  • Make sure all custom content is downloaded to the client and make sure there isn’t too much of it. (more isn’t necessarily better)
  • Make sure all custom content is provided as a separate download
  • Make sure that your server title provides a short link to your website
  • Keep your community small and have friends of yours be admins, but explain them their tasks.
  • After a while you will have had time to evaluate your members, offer admin to appropriate members, explain them their tasks.
  • Punish admins for abuse/unprofessional behaviour. One way to handle this is to have multiple admin ranks. We had moderator, administrator and founder for ranks. They’d start at moderator and be promoted to administrator when appropriate, but if an admin misbehaved they would have to go back to moderator until they had proven themselves again.
  • In the beginning it is best to manually handle your donations (as to not seem like a money-making machine like nearly every other server) and personally thank your members for their donations when handing them their gifts (these gifts shouldn’t be: a staff position, anything that makes your gamemode pay2win; these things should be: cosmetic stuff that doesn’t give any advantage)
  • If you are successful you will be attacked by very large botnets for little to no reason, you have to find a way to deal with this. “DDoS protection” isn’t always as good as it sounds, the effective kind of protections are expensive.
  • Make sure that DDoSing the server can never result in duplicate valuables, glitches or exploits. (with everything you write, keep in mind what would happen if the server suddenly has to restart because it crashed.
  • (as mentioned above) Make sure that when you write code for garry’s mod, you have a clear understanding of the communication between client and server and will never accept anything the client says for truth.
  • Try to keep the amount of rules you have for your server to a minimum by applying game mechanical restrictions and chat filters.
  • Be very open to your members about where their donations go. We choose to have a report with our received donations and spendings a few times.
  • Have a nice looking/working forum where your community will reside
  • If you only run steam-game servers, consider only allowing members to login to your forums using steam authorization. This allows you to punish players globally for terrible behaviour.
  • Members of your community may do retarded shit, with us it was: hack, exploit, scam, spread nude pics of eachother, troll, feel superior because they’ve been in your community longer.

Can’t think of anymore right now, but I’m guaranteed to be forgetting a ton of things, because when I look at this I just know it isn’t all of it.

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How to successfully kill a community in 6 easy steps, courtesy of ConstableWank

No it’s not, I agree with rules 2, 3, 6. Nobody likes rude admins, nobody wants to wait too long before they play on a server, and nobody wants to see donation adverts if they’re broke.

You won’t be seeing donation adverts when the server closes down to insufficient funds.