Looking for some advice on mapping

I’ve never really done much mapping at all so I thought I’d try my hand at some today since I have little to do. I was wondering how you add ‘polish’ to a certain section of a map. Take the image below for example, I quickly knocked up some sort of subway area and I’m just wondering what you guys would add to make this scene more complete. I was thinking of some sort of subway refuge area when I made it. I know it’s pretty shit but I’m just trying out Hammer and its features and would love to know what you guys would do to improve it and make it look more complete and convincing? It looks a bit bare now, and it looks weird when the walls end and the floor begins, it’s almost too sharp where in other maps everything looks complete. Any tips you guys can give me?

Try adding some trash decals to the floor as for the roof transition, mabye some pipes?

make the ceiling more exposed, with support beams, pipes, wires etc

look up some reference’s, those will help a ton!

Trash, graffiti and stain decals will help a lot in that type of setting.

I added some pipes to the roof, changed the wall textures (unashamedly copied those from the map pimpage thread) and added some more props and a little fenced off supply area.


I guess the roof could still do with more stuff like support beams but I need to think about how I’ll do that. Anything else you guys would suggest?

I really dislike the HL2 fluorescent yellow tubes, they look really ugly. You should try importing the CS:S fluorescent lights and using those. It also seems like you’re using plain light entities for the light source, try using some light_spots with an outer cone angle of 80-90 and an inner cone of like 30-45 for a more natural light look.

How would I go about importing content from another mod? I wouldn’t mind the elevators from L4D as well for this.

Put up signs like " Danger: High Voltage " by the power box, and " Authorized Personell Only " above certain doors.

Along with that maybe a vending machine somewhere.

Also you could put up wall ads since those are usually seen in subways.

Use different colors than white. Like a very slight blue or yellow.

L4D uses a different model format, you’d have to decompile and recompile them for the OB engine. As for content from a different mod, you can either open the map in the game configuration for that mod and add the stuff in, or use GCFScape and extract the content and put it in the mod folder for the game you’re mapping for (the easiest since you can properly BSPZIP it.)

Experiment with using light_spots instead of Lights.
“But Sirdownloadsalot!” You cry “Those are for spot lights, not normal lights!”

Well sit down and read this: Advanced Light Tutorial

Give some direct light to the bin/bench area, looks a little too dingy for a public space.